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Nineteen-year-old Sonny Jensen Auctioneer Sonny Jensen pushes for a higher amount when auctioning at the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group’s annual auction last weekend. Staff photo by Howard Lestrud
Rookie auctioneer presides over BP event
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer

“Say, what?”

The young man slinging some powerful auctioneering lingo during the Blooming Prairie Cancer Group Auction was none other than Sonny Jensen, 19. One of the youngest auctioneers in the country, he is a 2022 graduate of Albert Lea High School.

Taking over a rotation at the local auction, Sonny proved his value by helping massage some bids to the higher range.

What is Sonny going to be when he grows up? He’s there already, meaning he definitely can hold a candle to other auctioneers, including his dad.

Sonny had his first auction at age 7. A third-generation auctioneer, he started out auctioning real estate. Sonny’s grandpa Howard and father Greg are both auctioneers.

He said he has drawn in the millions of dollars when selling farms. He also sells livestock, autos, and farm equipment.

When he does cars, he picks up the pace of his auctioneering lingo. When he does real estate, he tries to create excitement, he said.

Is Sonny married? He doesn’t shy from that question. “No” is the answer.

Does Sonny have a girl friend? “Yes is the answer. Are you serious? “Yes” is again the answer.

Sonny works for Land Pro. He was 16 when he did his first job. Liking the chance to help with fund raisers, Sonny said it’s an “awesome way” to make money.

Using both hands to show off a new belt buckle, Sonny said he won it in a Chicago competition, earning 2022 Youth Champion. He also became the 2022 Youth Kentucky Auctioneer of the Year.

Sonny does about four to five auctions a week. He said it takes lots of practice. He has attended the World Wide College of Auctioneers (2021) in Des Moines.

“I have a diverse style,” Sonny said proudly.

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